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Introduction to Ugandan Cuisine

Written by Freda Muyambo Uganda is an East African country with a rich history ranging from the ancient migration of the Bantu and Nilotic African people to the arrival of the Indians to work on Uganda’s railway network. Ugandan cuisine has not yet been as popularised as cuisines from other regions such as the Horn, West and Southern Africa. However, this does not mean that it is not celebrated as a truly traditional type of cuisine. Delving into learning about Ugandan cuisine is a fascinating journey. Matoke Matoke is a variety of bananas indigenous to the southwest part of Uganda, extending into Rwanda and Burundi. It is normally used as a cooking banana and sometimes ​referred to as a plantain. It is cooked when still unripe and green. The matoke can either be boiled with or without the peel, roasted in the peel, or peeled and then steamed. When boiled and mashed by itself or as a stew, it forms part of the national dish of Uganda.   Ugali Ugali, as it is called in many parts of Uganda, is a thick cornmeal porridge, quite similar to polenta; however, it is made from white maize, or mealies, and is normally […]

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