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Uganda: Why you need to visit the garden of Africa in 2020

It might not be as famous as Rwanda, Kenya or Botswana, but Uganda is one of Africa’s most inspiring destinations By Ella Alexander What no one tells you about Uganda is how green it is. The garden of Africa, it’s a shock of emerald flora. Roads are lined by mango, jackfruit and banana trees, humpy hills form shamrock-coloured tea and coffee plantations and lakes and rivers are flanked by clumps of tall elephant grass. Its tangles of dense jungle and forests lay home to some of the world’s favourite primates and its plains are decorated with acacia trees and thickets of grassland. This swathe of greenery is juxtaposed with red soil, considered among the planet’s most fertile. Compared to its neighbours, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is a garden of fecundity. Plant something in Uganda and it can’t help itself but grow.   The list of Ugandan exports is lengthy – coffee is the biggest, followed by legumes – mangos, bananas, cassava, avocados, papaya, oranges, maize and pineapples. Tea is also a growing market, as well as cacao. There are two rainy seasons in Uganda, so water is always in abundance. Try as the country’s former political leaders might (and […]

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