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10 Reasons to Visit Uganda

Daniela Pontis is our Africa Product Manager. Here she relives the moment she met a family of gorillas and gives us ten reasons why you should visit Uganda Uganda is the country where East and West Africa meet, featuring lush forests inhabited by primates and arid savannahs which are home to a wide array of plains game. Lakes, mountains, tea plantations and waterfalls are some of the landmarks that made an impression on Winston Churchill when he travelled here, leading him to refer to it as “The Pearl of Africa”. I visited Uganda more than a century after Churchill and I was pleased to see that it has maintained the same beauty and ‘wow’ factor. As Africa Product Manager, I have travelled extensively through my favourite continent and I will never be tired to repeat that every single country provides a different experience; however there is no doubt Uganda occupies a very special place in my ranking!Unsurprisingly the feedback of those who have had the privilege to visit this country seems to be consistent. There is something magical about it, a fantastic vibe created by a mix of elements that combined have the power to metaphorically blow every traveller away. […]

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